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To provide customers with high quality products and satisfactory service Design and manufacture of professional precision molds, providing the bulk of production, production, injection molding and precision jig, fixture design, manufacture and debugging of all in one service, the company is determined to provide customers with high quality and efficient service.
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The company was established in 2006 (Suzhou Rui Cheng), mainly engaged in precision mold design and manufacture.
In 2009, the company officially changed its name to Suzhou Ou Cheng Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd, expanding the scope of business, providing customers with mass production, as well as precision tooling, fixture design, manufacturing, debugging one-stop service.
The company's mission is to provide customers with quality and efficient services.
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    • OEM MachiningSupport on demand customization
    • Complete CategorySuperior cost performance, economical and practical
    • Quality EnsureRest assured no worry after purchasing
    • Fully Reinforced20 years of experience in the industry
    • Well AppointedMonthly output can reach more than 1000 pieces


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